Use Wisely

How important it is to have a sense of balance about things? As in there should be a balance between how much you eat and how much you exercise. How much you work and how much you play.

     Then why are there some people who do not understand the difference between  smelling like a rose and smelling like a garden filled with all kinds of flowers known to mankind? 

Okay I don’t want to offend anyone. One must smell good ,that’s important. But emptying full bottle of perfume on yourself isn’t. I, honestly, prefer bathing. Hehe, jokes aside.

I’ve come across such people in my life and trust me it gets really frustrating to bare such people around you. Maybe what they don’t understand here is that it’s not the case of “the more the smellier” it is more like “the more the sneezier” ( okay,perhaps that’s​ not even a word but you see what I did there.)

So the people out there who tend to use a full bottle of perfume in one day; a sincere request to you guys, resources are depleting rapidly please save some for future generations. Use wisely!!!


Author: Priyal Shah

Miss goody-two shoes, quite shy and introvert. Likes to read, listen to music, procrastinating, eating,sleeping, being sarcastic. *winks*