My mother always shouts at me for sleeping at odd hours of the day. But what she doesn’t understand​ is that sleeping is my hidden talent. I know I sound too hideous. But I can’t help it. You tell me to sleep and the next moment you’ll find me drifted off into peaceful slumber.

I’ve heard someone say if travelling was free, you’d never see me again. But ,in my case, it’s something like, if sleeping was a paid activity; I would be the richest person alive.

People say laziest person sleeps a lot, I don’t think that’s true. Whoever said this does not know a thing about stress, depression, pain. 

Sleeping is the only activity I do a lot and trust me I do it best. However what others fail to decipher is why? Why do I end up dormant? 

Sometimes in life you get so worked up, so tired and feel emotionally helpless that you need your system to restart. You need space to find that inner peace. Sleeping is that space for me.

I don’t know why do I feel so lost and numb sometimes ,but yes like every other person I do feel such things. And just like a normal person I take time to recollect the fallen pieces of my mind.

So yeah along with a hidden talent it’s my way of escaping reality and taking break from things



Author: Priyal Shah

Miss goody-two shoes, quite shy and introvert. Likes to read, listen to music, procrastinating, eating,sleeping, being sarcastic. *winks*

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